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What we do and what can you expect from us

We offer experienced and efficient customs clearance of shipments. Our clearing and freight forwarding services are tailored to each importer or exporters specific needs. We act on behalf of the importers for best tariff implementation, Ports Regulatory documentations from the latest updated guidance from the law of Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. We also guarantee reduced cargo dwell time while ensuring a smooth and hitch free delivery.

Ground Transport
Popultry Equipment and Machinery

Automatic drinking system, Feeder, Transport Box, Chick's Plate, Breeder Egg Tray, Bird Shifting Crate, Incubator and brooders, Waste treatment system, Broiler house, Mill beater.

Ground Transport
Vitamin and Mineral

Vitamin b2 80%, Lutavit, Vitamin b6, Vitamin b1, Vitamin b5, Vitamin k3, Vitamin e, Menadione nicotinamide bisulphite, Mcrovit k3, Mcrovit b2, Sulphate, Folic acid

Ground Transport
Furniture - Accessories

Furniture - Locks, Fabric for chair, sofa, Slider, Tipped saw, Winges, Handles, Caster.

Ground Transport
Brewery Products

Crown corks, Aluminium(ANS/PIAENPS), Body Lables, Malt, Super cels.

Ground Transport
Veterinary Drugs

Veterinary Vaccines, Veterinary Mediciness.

Ground Transport
Animal Feed and Feed Additives

Soyabean meal, Fish Meal, Maize, Meat and Bone Meal, Vegitable Fat, Jivet, Sacox, DI-Methonine, Dicalcium Phosphate, L-Lysine, Bio Grain, Palbio, L-Threonline, Premix, Duralac-H.

Ground Transport
Leather Chemicals

Picment, Formact Acid, Balbind, Basic Chromium Sulphate, Sudium Sulphide Flakes, Sodium Bicarbonate,Sodium Formate, Balwet, Texoil of, Binder.

Ground Transport
Shoe Compenments

Eva sheets, Nonwoven insole board, Non woven insole with eva, Latex foam, Nonwoven chemical sheet.

Ground Transport
Safety Equipment

Safety belt, Helmet, Safety Shoe, Dust Masker, Fire Hose, Rubber Gloves, Welding Goggle, Traffic Cone, Filter Mask, Fire Hose.

Ground Transport
Flexible cargo

Potato, Big Onions, Rice, Sugar, Chillie, Maize.

Ground Transport
Agriculture Equpment

Harvester, Wheel tractor, Power tiller.

Ground Transport
Agriculture Chemicals

Chlortetracycline, Carbendazim, Gibberalic acid, Bpmc 50pct, Nutac, Chlorothalonil, lmidacloprid, Abamectin, Green cal,OXYFLUORFEN, NPK 12.12.17, PRETILACHLOR, Fipronil